Ten Ox-herding Pictures

The famous Ten Ox-herding Pictures. For those unfamiliar with the significance of these pictures, the ox is the mind. At first wild and untamed. Prone to run hither and thither. Man must catch the ox and fixed to one point, the ox will soon submit and be calm. Once the ox is tamed, life will become easier and more comfortable. The original text has been made more accessible to a larger public. In addition the orignal Ten Pictures have been re illustrated.

I - Seeking the ox

Man searches, while the ox is wild and unruly, roaming here and there, seeking pleasure, avoiding pain. The more man searches, the less he sees the ox.

2 - Finding the trail of the ox

Walking the path and paying close attention, man finds the first trace of the ox. That feels good. But that feeling does not last long. Questions come up and accompanying thoughts are coming and going.

3 - Catching sight of the ox

All of a sudden, the elusive ox is sighted. In a moment of clear awareness man sees into the nature of his mind. But the wily ox of un-controlled motivations and old habits will still run to grasses greener.

4 - Seizing the ox

The ox is finally caught. However a fierce struggle follows. Its powerful nature is not easily changed. Holding tight and with determination, man must turn the ox in a new direction.

5 - Taming the ox

Leading the way, man must keep a firm hold on the tether. The new ways are still tender and not yet secured. Reverting to previous habits can easily occur, the ox must be tamed!

6 - Riding the ox home

After a stormy process of transformation, a time of unity and harmony will follow. Consciously living in the present is much easier. The power of the ox and the long subdued inner voice have come together in the present and continue on their Way.

7 - Ox transcended

At home at last the fight has been fought, the work has been done. The ox no longer matters to man, who is now at peace with the nature of all things. The bounderies between self and other may begin to melt.

8 -  Self transcended

Dwelling in the pureness of everlasting Emptiness, the 

bounderies between self and other vaporite like snowflakes in a flaming fire. Blissfulness in its purest form is what man remains.

9 - Returning to the source

Why search? The flame of selfhood has been extinguished: no self and no other, no time and no space. Everything there is, was in the first place. Action and reaction create diversity. Therefore, back to the nature of things.

10 - The helping hand

A total freedom in all its naturalness is what remains in the end. Nothing can touch man no more. Pureness excludes artficiality. It causes withered trees and alle else to bloom. And man now helps with no intention to help...

Ox Pictures calendar

Pictures and text are represented in an appropriate manner. A birthday calendar that can be consulted daily. A reminder to remember to ‘live in the present’.