Zen calendar

Calendar Ten Ox-herding Pictures


A birthday calendar with the famous Ten Ox-herding Pictures. These old Zen pictures give directions how to living in the present. The calendar is bilingual. One side is in Dutch and the other side in English. Complete seven calendar pages with back cover in A4-format (29,7 x 21 cm).

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The Ten Ox-herding Pictures

Zen practitioners are absolute masters of ‘living in the present’. Zen monks in particular search for methods to get people on the right track with as few words as possible. One of those methods are the painted Ten Ox-herding Pictures. In these pictures the taming of the ox plays a major role. The ox is symbol for your True Self or Spirit, which continuously is seducted to be everywhere else but ‘in the present’.

A birthday calendar

Pictures and text are represented in an appropriate manner. A calender that can be consulted daily. A reminder to remember to ‘live in the present’.